Скачать Мапы Для Трекмания 2 Стадиум

have any of you actually downloaded and tried these maps ?i downloaded all but all the "small" mapsthey all have issues, poor check point placements for example, lack of arrows for diction, rough camera changes, backwards boosters (if someone is going too slow, thats it they can't get past your slow down point)the backwards jump through hoops, neat idea Скачать Медиа Плеер however on the one map i'm sure you are supposed to land facing forward, but you don't and its impossible to get speed up to continue the mapking of the race, poor piece transition - race can be finishedskaters paradise - more like nightmare, you don't keep speed up, you're done can not continue from certain checkpoints, you are now starting over from scratch, also side wall ramp turn, very hard and bouncy to attemptpimp - poor piece transition, some neat ideas for use of objects in racetsaF - interesting idea with backwards through rings, works first time, second time on next loop becomes a challenge and you land backwards, have to turn around, another jump you land (i had to break to stop from going out of the track) and have to "turn around" to get going centrifugal - you must keep speed up, rough bounce landings and then you go into a trick turn becomes very hard to finishloophole - camera changes just before you need to turn, needs to be the block before that, gives ppl time to adjust having to air brake, interestingKinetic - interesting jump view through hoop, has arrows, can get around easy camera changes a little late, but okretsaF - backwards through hoops, first long time, you land backwards , unable to finish, i even tried driving in reverse Anonymous Raceway - decent track, couple rough transitions**now some of these maps may have been fine, before the most recent updates, that have changed how the cars handle, which can change their speed, how they bounce, turn, flip, etcmost of these tracks will leave ppl frustrated i'm not the best driver, but i'm in the top 15%i also make tracks i make sure that a they can be finished from any check point on the mapb they flowc are interesting d have guides as needed and camera changes as needed, without sudden changesmost of the above fail a and b and some dc - is usually covered


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скачать мапы для трекмания 2 стадиум
27.04.2016 10:27:34

TrackMania 2: Stadium играть по сети и интернету Лан

Sep 12, 2013 - 1) Скачать игру TrackMania 2: Stadium торрент (репак v1.0) ... 2) Скачать дополнительные карты для игры Trackmania 2 Stadium.

скачать мапы для трекмания 2 стадиум
28.04.2016 08:27:34

TrackMania 2 "Пак карт (20 шт.)" - PlayGround.ru

Dec 13, 2011 - TrackMania 2 "Пак карт (20 шт.)" Скачать ... Другие файлы для Trackmania 2 Canyon · Trackmania 2 Canyon "alpine beta" · TrackMania 2 ...

скачать мапы для трекмания 2 стадиум
01.05.2016 10:27:34

Home » TM2 - Mania Exchange

Welcome to the Mania Exchange, for TrackMania 2! ... Trackmania Turbo Exchange is now live! ... MX Supporter TracksAll | Canyon | Stadium | Valley ...

скачать мапы для трекмания 2 стадиум
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TrackMania 2 Stadium - Community Made Tracks - TrackMania² Stadium ...

TrackMania 2 Stadium - Community Made Tracks. wuefuwefbiwefi · Follow ... It's a weird process but it's the only way for custom music to download online.

скачать мапы для трекмания 2 стадиум
05.05.2016 09:27:34

Get the best Trackmania 2 tracks ever made --> see inside ...

Mar 3, 2013 - While this may be common knowledge for trackmania veterans, people new to trackmania might not know - you can download thousands of ...

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